The new member in stepper portfolio with high performance, QuickLab system, AMR vehicles, Zimmer – group cooperation within fine automation and more.

Exceptionally high speed and dynamics: Presentation of the new stepper motor AM3248

Factory Automation & Robotics
Firmly on track to autonomous production: The startup Evocortex and FAULHABER together ensure smooth full automation

Medical & Laboratory Equipment
Intelligent modular system for quick solutions: Miniaturized linear motors from FAULHABER unlock new potential for the pharmaceutical industry

Precision Monitoring & Measurement Technology
Because every grain of pollen counts: A pollen monitor driven by FAULHABER provides allergy sufferers with reliable forecasts

Medical & Laboratory Equipment
Automation takes a lot of finesse: Zimmer Group together with FAULHABER drive technology provides the required precision in laboratory automation

Watchmaking Industry
Time follows function: How FAULHABER’s smallest series motor is revolutionizing product design for the watch maker Ressence

Driving sustainable growth: Step by step towards becoming a CO2-neutral company group by reorganizing production and logistics


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