The drives with integrated speed controller combine the advantages of brushless DC-servomotors with diameter-compliant control electronics which, fully integrated, extend the motor by only 6.2 mm.

Combinable with various precision gearheads, they can be used in a wide variety of market sectors such as pumps, handheld devices, equipment manufacturing or laboratory and industrial automation. The default factory preconfiguration in combination with the Motion Manager allows quick and easy commissioning of the system.

The high number of poles of the motors ensures optimum coverage of a wide speed range, also with digital Hall sensors. The integrated current limitation matched to the respective type protects the motor against overloading and therefore against potential destruction. The combination of the BXT H motors with the integrated Speed Controller is the ideal solution if speeds need to be controlled precisely in the smallest of spaces and high torques are also required. 


2214 BXT H SC; 3216 BXT H SC; 4221 BXT H SC; BXTH SC

Technical Data


Mechanical speed range

200 ... 10 000


Supply motor

5 ... 28 / 6,5 ... 30


Supply electronics

5 ... 28 / 6,5 ... 30


Temperature range

-40 ... 100


Effeciency electronics



Feedback sensors

Digital Hall

Housing material

Stainless steel

For combination with

Planetary Gearheads