In combination with brushless DC-servomotors, the new magnetic AEMT-12/16 L absolute encoder delivers absolute angle information with a preset multiturn resolution of 16 bits (65536 revolutions) and a singleturn resolution of 12 bits (4096 steps) for commutation, speed control and motion control.

This position data can be queried by a SSI Interface with BiSS-C Protocol. With a line driver, the interface is designed differentially and is based on the RS422 standard. It is thereby possible to position the motor/encoder unit up to five metres away from the controller.

The BiSS-C protocol is designed for industrial applications in which high transmission speed, flexibility and minimal implementation effort are required. Digital Hall sensors for commutation of the motors are no longer generally needed. With AEMT, sine commutation is possible as is very efficient operation of the motor with minimal torque ripple.


Technical Data

Series AEMT-12/16 L

Lines per revolution



Supply voltage

4.5 … 5.5


Signal Output

SSI interface with BISS-C protocol


Current cons.

typ. 22, max. 35


Temperature range

-40 … +100


Battery voltage

3 ... 5.5