FAULHABER developed the new sterilisable 2057…BA family of motors especially for medical applications. In the sensor-free variant, the drives can withstand more than 1500 autoclave cycles. They are optimized for high speeds of up to 65,000 rpm, as are required in, e.g., the handpieces of dental equipment.

The motors of the 2057…BA series are fitted in a moisture-resistant, stainless steel housing. During the development process, they were thoroughly tested for resistance to the loads experienced during autoclaving. Based on these tests, it is ensured that the standard motor can withstand undamaged at typically 1000 cycles in the autoclave. For the sensor-free variant, this value is 1500 cycles.

Autoclavable motors are frequently used in the handpieces of dental or surgical hand-held instruments. Very high speeds are generally required there. The 2057…BA series achieves a speed of up to 65,000 rpm. Further applications for this motor type are found in other areas of medical care, such as in ventilators. Like all motors from FAULHABER, the models of this series are characterised by high power values in relation to their volume. They are therefore very well suited for tight installation situations. Their low weight makes them predestined for use in the handpieces with which doctors and dentists perform delicate tasks, often over several hours.

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