For higher resolution positioning and speed control, FAULHABER provides a wide range of encoders for combination with the complete portfolio of FAULHABER DC, brushless, and stepper motors. 2 and 3 Channel incremental magnetic and optical encoders with standard quadrature resolution from 16 to up to 1024 cpr or single turn absolute encoders with a resolution up to 4096 steps are available.

Incremental encoder

The incremental shaft encoders are designed with optical or magnetical principle or as single chip version. At the encoder outputs, two 90° phase-shifted rectangular signals are available with up to 1024 impulses and an index impulse per motor revolution (3 channel version). more>>


Absolute encoder

The absolute encoder in combination with the FAULHABER DC-Motors is ideal for commutation, speed and position control. Absolute means, that each shaft position is assigned to a unique angular value within one revolution. It can also be used to create a sinusoidal commutation signal. more>>